The Real Cause of the U.S. Civil War

Steve Hurlbut to Abraham Lincoln, March 27, 1861

Page 13

An immediate increase of the Effective-

ness of the Army & Navy -- the Encouragement

of organizations for defense along our

Territorial Frontier -- a fitness and

preparation for that state of active hos-

tilities into which we are liable to be

precipitated at any moment are vital

to the Nation.

Increase of Effectiveness at the Custom Houses

of the Interior on the Mississippi and Ohio

the control of imports by Rail Road from

the South as well as by the Rivers, are

among necessities to be provided for soon,

or we shall be flooded from the South

with goods imported under their Tariff.

There is strong division at the South as

to the Border States. I do not think the

rulers want them in the Confederacy.

There are too many white men in the

Border States in proportion.

Eastern North Carolina which within a

few years has become a great cotton

country and is tributary to Charleston

they do want -- but not the State.

So with Eastern Virginia.

If by any means, by National En-

couragement, canals could be opened as there


Hurlbut Letter Page 13