The Real Cause of the U.S. Civil War

Steve Hurlbut to Abraham Lincoln, March 27, 1861

Page 16

P.S -- I take the liberty of suggesting two

or three propositions.

1. May not the Revenue for the Gulf

States be collected at Key West &

the Tortugas? They command the Gulf.

2. If Congress declare the Ports of En-

try in the Seceding States abolished,

Notice of that fact to foreign

Countries with Blockade by sea

will be the most Effectual and

least warlike restraint that can

be imposed.

3. This Rebellion being in fact an

"industrial" rather than political

affair -- is it not wise policy

to stimulate in South America

& Central America the production

of Cotton, the monopoly of which

article is the power and at the

same time the curse & will be

the final destruction of the South.


Hurlbut Letter Page 16