The Real Cause of the U.S. Civil War

Steve Hurlbut to Abraham Lincoln, March 27, 1861

Page 11

a relief to the Union and a burden

upon them & although to a certain

extent a surrender of authority, yet

as Authority in fact has ceased to Exist,

the measure demands consideration.

The two Revenue Systems must clash

at the Border and up and down the

Mississippi, and whether peace or war Exists

the Exigencies of this branch of the

public service must be soon provided


If the President shall determine to call

an Extra Session, an opportu-

nity will be afforded in the Proclama-

tion to express the views of the adminis-


It is my deliberate judgement of

my long acquaintance with the people

and the Country of So. Carolina & from them

in a modified form with the other Se-

ceding States - that the attempt to fulfil

the duties of the Executive office in En-

forcing the Laws & authority of the U. S.

within these limits will be War in fact.

War in which the Seceding States will

be united and the others disunited

War which alarmists at the North and


Hurlbut Letter Page 11