The Real Cause of the U.S. Civil War

Steve Hurlbut to Abraham Lincoln, March 27, 1861

Page 12

Disunionists in the Border States will

avail themselves of to work further mis-

chief. War in which the United States

after crushing out the Revolution can

do nothing further than receive back into

our National family an angry

disgraced, sullen and dangerous


I solemnly believe that the Seven States

are irrevocably gone -- except perhaps Texas

and Louisiana as to which I have no

information. They have not gone out on

the Negro question -- their leaders in frank

conversation do not say so. They have set

up housekeeping for themselves and the

only possible cure is to let them bear

the burdens of housekeeping.

Nor do I believe that any policy which

may be adopted by this Government will

prevent the possibility of armed collis-


If these States remain "de jure" parts of

the Republic -- the U. States are responsible

for them to foreign governments. And

from every quarter especially from Mexico

there is danger of complaint of violation

of treaty stipulations.


Hurlbut Letter Page 12