Expecting a Golden Era: The Real Cause of the U.S. Civil War is an overview of the economic mechanism and politics that caused the war. A chapter outline is here.

James Tallmadge, Jr., the Tariff and Slavery details the career of the man who began the anti-slavery crusade in America. A chapter outline is here.

Lewis Tappan, the Tariff and Slavery is the story of Lewis Tappan's career in the textile business and his efforts to use government as an instrument to disable his economic competition by tariffs, prohibition, and by limiting slavery.

John Brown: How the Tariff Made a Terrorist tells of Brown's tanning business, Spanish leather, Brown's tariff agitation, his failed wool business and his blame of the tariff for his failure, the Kansas murders and the Harper's Ferry invasion.

Elijah Parish Lovejoy, Editorial Instrument of the Tariff men tells of Lovejoy's early career in political journalism in St. Louis, his involvement in the Thomas Biddle-Spencer Pettis duel, his atonement and transformation to a clergyman, his further editorial career for the lead-tariff men, Godfrey and Gilman, his death at the hands of an anti-abolitionist mob in Alton.