The Real Cause of the U.S. Civil War

Harrison Gray Otis to William Sullivan, February 9, 1820

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Washington 9 feby 1820

Dear General,

I think the Massachusetts resolutions on

the Missouri question are about right, and if they are

to be passed, it is no matter with how much unanimity[.added by Morison]-

My opinion is still the same that no good pur

pose would have been promoted by your being

more prominent or zealous, but tout au con

traire[. In Morison]-Let the other white peopled States commit

themselves as much as possible, and let us support

them-Had we foreseen all that has happened, be

fore I left home, I think I would have made some

useful suggestions-But I am persuaded that if you

had tried to lead, you would not have been follow[']d

with the same alacrity by the other States-Some of

my best friends however think otherwise-

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