The Real Cause of the U.S. Civil War

Robert Hosea to Salmon P. Chase, May, 18, 1860

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Chicago, 18th May, 1860

Dear Govenor

As the telegraph has informed you

ere this reaches you the nomination is made

and as I intimated in my note of 16th

Lincoln is the nominee. The V.P. will be taken

it is supposed from N Yk if she wishes it

as a salve to her wounded feelings Gen Morgan

will be tendered the place.

I think it would have been well for

your friends after standing firmly for you as long as

there seemed any chance, to have signified their

intention to vote for Seward, thus forcing the

combined opposition of Pa., Illinois & Ind. to

either vote for you or see the Election of Seward

accomplished. Besides in the event of your

friends having been [sincere?] to the support of Seward

you & they would have been in a better position

toward the administration in case of success

& the way would have been more clearly open

for the succession and at the same time

a discerning statesman sincuded & the people

of Ohio satisfied if not gratified in accomplishing

it, we should have had the prestige of

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